Brand Awareness and Traditional Marketing Trends

As digital marketing continues to evolve and grow, it is important to pay attention to some key trends. Social media continues to be an important part of brand awareness and a company’s online presence. One of the more notable trends brands are trying is user-generated content. This content can either be written by customers or professionally created by brands. Using user-generated content in a marketing campaign helps consumers feel as though they’re part of something real and unscripted.

As the focus of digital marketing shifts toward creating an interactive experience, brands are turning to social media as a customer support tool and a tool for brand activism. Traditional marketing has shifted towards newer digital platforms, including music streaming and online TV. Brands are even incorporating QR codes into print media. These trends are redefining the way companies market to consumers. Whether you want to reach millennials or baby boomers, you need to be adaptable to the latest trends in digital marketing.

Podcasts: The third quarter of 2020 will witness a massive increase in app usage. Users who listen to podcasts will be more likely to engage with brands. Brands can leverage this engagement to make key business decisions. As a result, marketers should focus on developing an app strategy to stay relevant to consumers. In addition, app users are typically more loyal. They’re more likely to return to the brands they know and trust.

Artificial intelligence: AI is becoming more prevalent in marketing. AI-powered software called Jarvis was recently taught to write website copy and blog posts by top SEO experts. The technology has evolved in many ways over the last few years. As we continue to evolve, the use of AI will only grow. AMI is planning to run another Digital Summit in March 2019. They’ll be presenting the latest trends in digital marketing, including emerging tech. While the company is not recommending any particular brand or technology, they’ll be providing relevant information and ideas.

In addition to email marketing, social media, and website redesign, there are many other ways to showcase a brand and its business. Conversion rate optimization will help convert ordinary webpages into high-converting sales tools. Brand strategy will help marketers turn their story into a compelling brand message. And inbound marketing is a technique to attract potential online customers. This strategy includes a blog and a value-add. And if you haven’t yet adopted any of these methods, it’s never too late.

Gamification: Gamification uses game features to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness. Some examples include McDonald’s Monopoly game. Research shows that 80 percent of smartphone users play mobile games. Gaming can be a draw in e-commerce. It is a great way to create user-generated content that people want to consume. The future of online marketing is looking towards micro-influencers and user-generated content to increase brand loyalty and trust.