We Chat Marketing – Engaging With Chinese Consumers

The latest buzz in the arena of Internet Marketing is the new Wechat Marketing. It is being touted as the platform that will change the way companies market and promote themselves. The platform has the capacity to deliver brand messaging through various forms like SMS, file transfers, video, instant messaging and audio channels and can be accessed from any internet connected computer. In this fast paced and always on the go society, being able to do all these and more from any place is a real asset and one cannot afford not to have a marketing strategy. To take advantage of this, some businesses have now started using Wechat, a free micro-blogging application for personal and professional use.

WeChat Marketing

Wechat is a great way of connecting to your audience and formulating messages based on what your followers or potential customers are looking for. It also offers the platform for you to connect with other members of the community such as business owners and influencers. One of the biggest advantages of using the micro-blogging app is that it offers its users a platform to make easy viral content. With a wide range of pre-built integrations with popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the Wechat marketing platform becomes an easy viral tool for the business owner.

Wechat has recently integrated Webalancing to form a unified platform for advertisers, business owners and other market influencers. Webalancing helps in creating viral campaigns by reaching a large audience at one place through different advertising mediums. You can use Webalancing for cross-media advertising by posting your ads on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and the popular We Chat Marketplace. The advantage with the ad platform compared to other mediums is that it is easy to manage and target your audience because of its universal design, which makes it an ideal choice for advertisers and business owners.

The process of creating high quality content in the form of posts, videos, podcast etc. can be easily managed by the We Chat Marketing team and you are free from the hassle of creating the original content. Once your original content is published, you can have it syndicated on different platforms through the Wechat Affiliate Program, which is available across all devices. You can also reach a targeted audience directly through the We Chat Marketing system, which ensures that you create quality content for your followers to read and benefit from.

If you are already using We Chat Marketing on your original content accounts but are not getting good results, then you can try changing your settings to fit the latest We Chat Marketing standards. If you wish to use a customised user ID and password, then you can do so. Wechat allows you to create accounts that reflect your brand image so you can use your Wechat ID as your username and password on all your other accounts and marketing tools.

Wechat is useful for engaging with your customers and providing useful content to your followers. Its global appeal and its easy to use interface make it a great choice for your Chinese business. We chat also offers a great channel for businesses to interact with potential customers. With We Chat, you can provide unique content, interact with the customer service community, connect with business owners and attract new customers.