Intermediate Tips For Effective YouTube Marketing

Making videos for YouTube is so much fun. Getting results for your online business and making videos for YouTube is even more fun. There’s no doubt about it. YouTube is on fire having 1.5 Billion monthly views over an hour of video content. Are you using YouTube marketing effectively for your online business?

Youtube Marketing

You need a creative video intro to promote your product or service effectively. You want people to watch your video. But, there is one very important rule of thumb to follow when you make a video for YouTube, and this rule is, make sure your creative video intro lasts at least 15 seconds. Anything longer will lose people fast. No matter what you do, try not to go longer than 15 seconds.

YouTube has their in-built playlists. If you want to get maximum results out of your efforts then you have to make sure your videos are visible under these playlists. You can add as many playlists as you like. It’s best to use three playlists for SEO purposes. They can be called “Lifestyle”, “Music” and “FX”. Just remember that the in-built playlists are highly targeted and highly effective so don’t stray from them.

In the above example, we used “Lifestyle” playlist. This is a highly targeted playlist to target subscribers of “Lifestyle” channel on YouTube. These subscribers tend to be in search of “food”, “home”, “weight loss” and other similar searches. Using appropriate keywords in your video content will help increase your visibility. Also, keep in mind that the appearance of your video content can also affect your SEO efforts. So, having a video with attractive and eye-catching thumbnail will increase your chances of being placed higher in search engine rankings.

If you are not using proper keywords then it’s unlikely that somebody searching for similar keywords would stumble upon your video. Make sure your video description is catchy and interesting. Avoid using obscure keywords for obvious reasons. It will only be picked up by people who are familiar with the content. For instance, if you are selling an antique camera then it is highly unlikely that someone searching for antique cameras will find your video description because “antique cameras” is a keyword that nobody would think of when looking for information about this product.

Another thing you can do to increase your chances of SEO success is to submit your videos to highly creative directories. Try to submit your videos to sites that have high viewer counts. Such sites could be Digg, StumbleUpon or Delicious. You can also ask your viewers to bookmark your videos. In this way, they will have a high chance of showing up in search results, provided that you provide a compelling and creative content on your videos.