How to Get Started in Weibo Marketing

Chinese people love to share and get connected with each other via Weibo, Tencent, and other social media networks. People use Weibo as a form of communicating and for social interaction. In Chinese, Weibo is known as “Webu.” It also pronounced “Weebra.” If you want results, there is no way around it.

Weibo Marketing

While there are some similarities with Western viral marketing, your Weibo strategy has to keep in mind the targeted Chinese audience. Share short video clips and testimonials from existing users. Create on trending content.

SEO to boost exposure. Shared strategies that work well in China and the West. In the Chinese culture, it’s considered bad form to spam. On Weibo, however, the trend is to create a lot of useful content and then make short videos of it. YouTube-type video ads are also used for marketing Weibo campaigns. These short video clips have to be very detailed information packed with useful information that can help a user.

With this kind of long-term advertising, it’s easy to connect with a large audience. You have to be very precise, especially in the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for your marketing campaign. A low CPM can mean lower engagement but more clicks. A high CPM will generate higher engagement. To improve your CPM in Weibo, you need to increase your brand authority, create high quality videos, create a buzz about your brand using viral techniques, and improve your online marketing and advertising campaigns.

To make use of your followers on Weibo for Weibo Marketing, you have to give them options on how they could help you promote your product/service. There are two different kinds of Ads Options in Weibo; Cost Per Click and Cost Per Action. With Cost Per Click, you just have to bid on keywords that are related to your product or services and your ad will appear when someone searches those keywords or enters the correct keyword as the first word in the search engine’s query box. However, it is limited to the number of characters and advertisers have to enter the keyword in the search engine’s query box every time. With the second option, you get to choose which keyword phrase you want your ad to appear under based on the frequency by which a user searches that word or phrase.

If your goal is to enhance your brand awareness in China, this strategy will definitely work for you. But of course, you should be very particular in knowing which Weibo Marketing strategy will work for your products or brands. It’s best to start doing marketing research before you launch your Weibo account so that you won’t miss any Weibo Marketing opportunity that will surely suit your budget and marketing needs. And of course, you must learn as much as you can about Internet marketing in general to ensure that you are able to maximize your Weibo Marketing strategies to give you the maximum benefits from your online marketing efforts. After all, without marketing, who will even know that your business is even existing?