Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Despite a growing number of new technologies, it’s still important for small businesses to consider these Digital Marketing Trends for 2019. These tools are becoming an essential part of customer relationships and can be used to increase customer retention. They are effective and can save time and money by offering twenty-four-hour support. Here are a few of these technologies that are set to impact your business. o Messenger bots: Known as chatbots, these tools can personalize messages and send follow-up sequences based on smart time delays. Using these bots can result in a higher conversion rate than any other marketing method.

Digital Marketing Trends

o Artificial intelligence: Using artificial intelligence, or AI, to create a digital product or service, will be a prominent trend in 2020. AI technology, video, and voice search are all expected to be big in the coming year. These tools will help your brand connect with younger demographics and keep their customers engaged with your brand. Interactive content and experiences will make the customer journey more rewarding and enjoyable. o Social media: Using social media to connect with customers and brands will continue to be a major trend in the near future.

o Ad blockers: Using ad blockers is a growing problem. By 2021, over 27% of internet users will use an ad blocker. Ad blockers will cut off a primary source of traffic to your website and are an important part of any PPC campaign. However, ad data will tell you how big of a problem this is, and the effect of ad blockers can be minimal depending on your audience.

o The evolution of the web: During the past decade, marketing has become more sophisticated and complex. Today’s digital landscape is changing rapidly, and the most successful businesses will have a presence on the internet. As more people are embracing digital media, new tools and technologies will emerge. Unless a business gets ahead of the curve in this regard, they will be left behind. Whether it’s a large enterprise or a small, local business, the digital landscape will continue to change.

Predictive Analytics: Many industries will increasingly make use of predictive analytics to predict the future. This type of analytics uses data mining, machine learning, and other techniques to predict how consumers will behave. With these tools, companies can make better decisions and make more informed decisions. While these are not the only digital marketing trends for small businesses, these technologies are key for growing their business. They will help them grow by increasing their reach and interactivity.

Content: According to Google, more than half of all smartphone users find new products and services while using their smartphones. Thus, websites optimized for mobile use are more likely to attract new visitors by accident. While social media is considered the main force of online marketing, it’s still important to remember that most people are still more likely to find information through search engines. This means that content can help businesses gain a competitive edge. One of the most effective ways to make an impact is through video and audio.