Digital Marketing Strategy Secret to Success

Did you know that a recent study ranked Instagram as the second most powerful social media platform? This surprising discovery was made when Instagram CEO Instagrammer Chris Carpenter got an invitation to attend a Google Fiber event. The event featured YouTube and other leading internet service providers, and Google Fiber is one of those services. During the invite-only session, Carpenter learned that Google is working on offering more services to promote Google Fiber. So why is Instagram now considered one of the top social media platforms for brands?

The answer lies in two areas. First, it offers a large audience of users who are constantly searching for information on the products or services being promoted by the business. These users tend to be extremely targeted, and can be easily targeted via search engine optimization (SEO). The potential for SEO use in online marketing campaigns for major brand names and companies cannot be ignored, since it provides an unparalleled opportunity to gain high rankings in major search engines. By gaining high rankings, a website is provided with increased visibility which leads to increased website traffic and consequently, increased sales.

The second major digital marketing secret is that Instagram gives businesses an unparalleled opportunity to promote and launch their own promotions and advertisements. Unlike typical website advertisements, which only target viewers within a certain geographical location, Instagram allows viewers from all over the world to access a business’s information and products. This means that businesses can reach target markets using their website content in a more efficient manner. Not only does this provide a greater opportunity to earn more profit, but it also helps create brand awareness. Branded images, text and video posted on Instagram can help customers understand a brand’s mission and provide them with additional information.

Social media is currently the most popular form of Internet marketing. With over two hundred million active users globally, it has established itself as one of the most viable platforms for businesses to advertise their product or service. Social networking allows for easy tracking and marketing of a company’s online presence through user-based feedback. By using a social media campaign, businesses can obtain feedback from customers regarding product performance and ensure that they are reaching target audiences.

Instagram is used by an extensive audience. Therefore, companies must ensure that they are maximizing their advertising opportunities by optimizing their ads and campaigns on this platform. One of the easiest ways to optimize ads on Instagram is to make sure that they are using captivating and eye-catching images. Images that display a product in its best light are most likely to attract attention and have a better chance of increasing conversion rates on Instagram. Another digital marketing secret that businesses must keep in mind is that viewers on Instagram are generally searching for current events and the latest information. A video that showcases the product or service in its current condition will most likely garner attention from Instagram audiences.

Google is the second most popular search engine in the world. According to research, Google is expected to become the world’s most popular search engine within the next seven years. Google has implemented several changes recently that will help businesses boost their online presence. One of these strategies is the introduction of its ad network called AdSense. AdSense uses a pay per click system to generate revenue for online businesses. To increase profitability and productivity, a digital marketing strategy must be implemented that makes use of Google’s AdSense program.