An Introduction To SEO And Brand Recognition


An Introduction To SEO And Brand Recognition

SEO strategy is typically a detailed blueprint to increase a site s search engine ranking to take advantage of more natural traffic driven by the search engines. In short, SEO strategy involves delivering extreme relevancy and value to online searchers. But there’s another side to this coin which is also frequently overlooked: branding.

Just as a car needs a good exhaust system to protect the catalytic converter and keep a safe distance from other cars on the road, a good SEO strategy needs a brand to attract visitors. SEO is essentially a marketing tool for your website and your business, and therefore it requires a strong brand to succeed. Search engine results are heavily influenced by how well known a site is. So it makes sense to brand yourself and your business.

Before you start working on your SEO strategy, identify keywords that apply to your business and website. Keyword research tools are available, but be careful with these and make sure to not compromise your SEO strategy in the process. Pick a niche and identify related keywords; then research the phrases used to find those keywords online. Focus on optimizing each keyword within your niche so that it receives optimal search engine positioning.

Once you have a list of related phrases, use Overture keyword research to identify domains and pages with high search engine placement for each keyword. Focus on these domains and pages and aim to improve their rank. For instance, if you identify the phrase “online stores”, you should aim to improve the rankings of each domain and page associated with it. Remember to use a quality keyword analysis to ascertain that each domain and page has the potential to be improved. Once all the domains and pages are optimized, run content on them to test their performance.

SEO is only one part of an overall branding strategy. You should also consider physical aspects such as your brand logo and signage. If your product or service is physical, such as computers, pens and keychains, people will associate your brand with your online presence. Signage is equally important for online and offline branding efforts. Consider using your business logo on business cards, letterheads and in-store signage. This will help people to associate your brand with your products or services and to know where to look.

Brand recognition requires that you work not just on SEO strategies but on other areas as well. This includes offline branding, which includes your websites, brochures, business cards and billboards. These will help to increase brand awareness as well as increasing your search engine positioning. Make your brand accessible to your audience. People will trust your brand and will continue to adopt your product or service in the future if they feel comfortable doing so.